Artists in Ireland taking over empty shops with pop-up galleries

Just adding to the list, searched for “irish artists” and “empty shop fronts”, etc. I found a few more. They are also called pop-up galleries. But if you search for that, you get alot of unrelated topics.

There’s alot of them listed in the US (they call them store fronts) See & In fact, the Storefront Artists just celebrated their 7th year.

This is more and more being recognised as a viable alternative venue. This ArtBiz blog even offers a Podcast: Take over a vacant storefront–legally. The author notes, this is good for landlord and property owners to keep empty buildings more attractive. Area businesses like them because it brings people/customers into the area.


“Up and Down in Town: A Portrait of a City and a Self”, an exhibition by Spanish artist David Agenjo will take place from 23-28 July 2009 in Smithfield, Dublin. His works will be showcased in an unused retail space which has been converted into a pop up gallery. The exhibition explores a strangers view of Dublin – David moved here about two years ago and this exhibition really explores the joys and hardships of making a new city your home. Opening hours: daily 14:00-20:00 and the location is 11-13 West Arran St. Smithfield Market (Beside Red Luas Line Stop)

Fire Station: Artist Katherine Sankey Moore Street Lending Library 27th September – 15th October 2005

“Katherine Sankey’s ‘An Atomic Narrative’ is a site specific anatomical video/drawing to be installed as a wall 5 or 6 feet behind the window of an empty shop on Moore Street.”

Cashelised Visualised 17th-30th July Art Attacks Cashel [no year?]

Not sure what year this was… Cashel is way big into the empty shops for artists. Maybe the leaders in Ireland?

Cashelised will shortly host the work of thirty five artists from all over Tipperary and beyond. The exhibitions are part of the Cashel Summer Festival running from 17th to 31st of July [9pm-6pm Daily]. The diverse and dynamic styles of the artists showcase the artistic talents of the region… 15 Spaces (Empty Shop Units, Cafes, Beer Gardens, etc) across the town center will be transformed into Art Gallery’s and exhibition Spaces. This will take place for two weeks with over Forty Artists Involved.

Claudia Bose and Sharon Murphy exhibit in Ferbane. See portfolio

“Both these artists wanted to take their work out into the wider community and they exhibited in the local library and found two empty shop fronts in which they displayed their work. The work was changed after two weeks. Here are some of those finished pieces.”

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